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 Quick phrase
2-subnormal subgroup
Almost normal subgroup
C-normal subgroup
C-subnormal subgroup
Central factorfactor in central product
product with centralizer is whole group
quotient action by outer automorphisms is trivial
every inner automorphism restricts to an inner automorphism
Characteristic subgroupinvariant under all automorphisms
strongly normal
normal under outer automorphisms
Complemented normal subgroup
Conjugate-commensurable subgroup
Conjugate-comparable subgroup
Direct factorfactor in internal direct product
normal with normal complement
has centralizing complement
Hypernormalized subgroup
Invariant random subgroup
Maximal normal subgroup
Modular subgroup
Nearly normal subgroup
Nilpotent quotient-by-core subgroup
Paranormal subgroup
Permutable subgroup
Polynormal subgroup
Pronormal subgroup
R-normal subgroup
Seminormal subgroup
Serial subgroup
Subgroup invariant under conjugation by a generating set
Subnormal subgroup
Transitively normal subgroup
Weakly normal subgroup
Weakly pronormal subgroup