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Algebraic group
Alternative loop
Clifford semigroup
Completely regular semigroup
Cosimplicial groupcosimplicial object in category of groups
group object in category of cosimplicial sets
Formal group law
Group scheme
Gyrogroupleft identity, left inverses and associativity twisted by an automorphism
H-grouptopological space with continuous operations that satisfy homotopy versions of group laws
Hypergroupvariation of group where the multiplication operation is multi-valued
Inverse semigroupsemigroup where every element has a unique inverse in the semigroup sense (i.e., without reference to neutral elements)
Loopgroup without associativity
unital magma with unique left and right quotients
Monoidgroup without inverses
set with associative binary operation with identity element
semigroup with identity element (neutral element)
Moufang looploop (identity, inverses, not necessarily associative) with some associativity-like conditions that come close to making it a group
Multiary groupgroup-like structure with n-ary instead of binary operation for multiplication
Power-associative loop
Quasigroupgroup without identity and associativity
magma with unique left and right quotients
Regular semigroupsemigroup with all elements regular, regular being a weak version of invertible
Saturated fusion system
Simplicial groupsimplicial object in category of groups
group object in category of simplicial sets
Topological group