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 UsesFact about
Closed subgroup of finite index implies openClosed subgroup of finite index (1)
Closed subgroup of semitopological group (1)
Subgroup of finite index (2)
Open subgroup (1)
Finite index implies completely divisibility-closedPoincare's theorem
Subgroup of finite group implies completely divisibility-closed
Divisibility-closedness satisfies inverse image condition
Subgroup of finite index (2)
Completely divisibility-closed subgroup (2)
Finite index implies powering-invariantPoincare's theorem
Normal of finite index implies quotient-powering-invariant
Finite implies powering-invariant
Powering-invariant over quotient-powering-invariant implies powering-invariant
Subgroup of finite index (2)
Powering-invariant subgroup (2)
Index is multiplicativeSubgroup containment implies coset containmentSubgroup of finite index (1)
Transitive subgroup property (2)
Index of a subgroup (1)
Subgroup of finite index has a left transversal that is also a right transversalSubgroup of finite group has a left transversal that is also a right transversal
Poincare's theorem
Subgroup of finite index (2)
Subgroup having a left transversal that is also a right transversal (2)
Left transversal of a subgroup (?)
Right transversal of a subgroup (?)