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Intermediate notions between [[normal subgroup]] and [[finite normal subgroup]]Intermediate notions between [[normal subgroup]] and [[finite normal subgroup]]#
Amalgam-characteristic subgroupAmalgam-characteristic subgroup
Amalgam-normal-subhomomorph-containing subgroupAmalgam-normal-subhomomorph-containing subgroup
Amalgam-strictly characteristic subgroupAmalgam-strictly characteristic subgroup
Finitely generated normal subgroupFinitely generated normal subgroup
Join of finite normal subgroupsJoin of finite normal subgroups
Normal closure of finite subsetNormal closure of finite subset
Periodic normal subgroupPeriodic normal subgroup
Potentially normal-subhomomorph-containing subgroupPotentially normal-subhomomorph-containing subgroup
Powering-invariant normal subgroupPowering-invariant normal subgroup
Quotient-powering-invariant subgroupQuotient-powering-invariant subgroup