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Intermediate notions between [[normal subgroup]] and [[direct factor]]Intermediate notions between [[normal subgroup]] and [[direct factor]]#
Characteristic subgroup of direct factorCharacteristic subgroup of direct factor
Complemented central factorComplemented central factor
Complemented normal subgroupComplemented normal subgroup
Complemented transitively normal subgroupComplemented transitively normal subgroup
Conjugacy-closed normal subgroupConjugacy-closed normal subgroup
Direct factor over central subgroupDirect factor over central subgroup
Endomorphism kernelEndomorphism kernel
Intermediately endomorphism kernelIntermediately endomorphism kernel
Join of finitely many direct factorsJoin of finitely many direct factors
Join-transitively central factorJoin-transitively central factor
Locally inner automorphism-balanced subgroupLocally inner automorphism-balanced subgroup
Normal AEP-subgroupNormal AEP-subgroup
Normal subgroup having a 1-closed transversalNormal subgroup having a 1-closed transversal
Normal subgroup in which every subgroup characteristic in the whole group is characteristicNormal subgroup in which every subgroup characteristic in the whole group is characteristic
Normal subgroup whose focal subgroup equals its derived subgroupNormal subgroup whose focal subgroup equals its derived subgroup
Powering-invariant normal subgroupPowering-invariant normal subgroup
Quotient-powering-invariant subgroupQuotient-powering-invariant subgroup
Right-quotient-transitively central factorRight-quotient-transitively central factor
Transitively normal subgroupTransitively normal subgroup
Upper join of direct factorsUpper join of direct factors