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1-automorphism-invariant subgroup, 1-endomorphism-invariant subgroup, Abelian characteristic subgroup, Autoclinism-invariant subgroup, Bound-word subgroup, CSCFN-subgroup, Characteristic AEP-subgroup, Characteristic central factor, Characteristic central subgroup, Characteristic core of subgroup of finite index, Characteristic direct factor, Characteristic direct factor of abelian group, Characteristic direct factor of nilpotent group, Characteristic subgroup of center, Characteristic subgroup of finite index, Characteristic transitively normal subgroup, Characteristic-isomorph-free subgroup, Class two characteristic subgroup, Complemented characteristic subgroup, Complemented fully invariant subgroup, Complemented homomorph-containing subgroup, Complete characteristic subgroup, Completely distinguished subgroup, Conjugacy-closed characteristic subgroup, Coprime automorphism-faithful characteristic subgroup, Cyclic characteristic subgroup, Cyclic isomorph-containing subgroup, Cyclic-quotient characteristic subgroup, Direct power-closed characteristic subgroup, Elementarily characteristic subgroup, Endoclinism-invariant subgroup, Epimarginal subgroup, Finite characteristic subgroup, Finite direct power-closed characteristic subgroup, Fully invariant direct factor, Fully invariant subgroup, Homomorph-containing subgroup, Image-closed characteristic subgroup, Image-closed fully invariant subgroup, Index-unique subgroup, Injective endomorphism-invariant subgroup, Injective endomorphism-quotient-balanced subgroup, Intermediately characteristic subgroup, Intermediately fully invariant subgroup, Intermediately injective endomorphism-invariant subgroup, Intermediately strictly characteristic subgroup, Intersection of finitely many intermediately characteristic subgroups, Intersection of finitely many verbal subgroups, Isomorph-containing subgroup, Isomorph-free subgroup