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The query [[Satisfies property::Solvable group]] [[Dissatisfies property::Abelian group]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0121 seconds.

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Alternating group:A4, Amalgamated free product of Z and Z over 2Z, Baumslag-Solitar group:BS(1,2), Binary octahedral group, Central product of D8 and Q8, Central product of D8 and Z4, Dicyclic group:Dic20, Dihedral group:D10, Dihedral group:D16, Dihedral group:D20, Dihedral group:D8, Direct product of A4 and Z2, Direct product of D8 and Z2, Direct product of D8 and Z3, Faithful semidirect product of E8 and Z4, GAPlus(1,R), General affine group of degree one, General affine group:GA(1,5), General affine group:GA(1,7), General affine group:GA(1,8), General affine group:GA(1,9), General affine group:GA(1,Q), General linear group:GL(2,3), Generalized dihedral group for 2-quasicyclic group, Generalized dihedral group for additive group of 2-adic integers, Generalized dihedral group for direct product of Z4 and Z4, Generalized quaternion group:Q16, Holomorph of Z9, Infinite dihedral group, Inner holomorph of D8, M16, M64, Mathieu group:M9, Quaternion group, Restricted regular wreath product of group of prime order and quasicyclic group, Semidihedral group:SD16, Semidirect product of Z8 and Z4 of M-type, SmallGroup(32,10), SmallGroup(32,15), SmallGroup(32,2), SmallGroup(32,24), SmallGroup(32,30), SmallGroup(32,31), SmallGroup(32,44), SmallGroup(32,5), SmallGroup(32,7), SmallGroup(32,9), Special linear group:SL(2,3), Symmetric group:S3, Symmetric group:S4