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The query [[Satisfies metaproperty::Transitive subgroup property]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0131 seconds.

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1-automorphism-invariant subgroup, AEP-subgroup, Abelian subgroup, Ascendant subgroup, Automorph-conjugate subgroup, Base of a wreath product, C-closed subgroup, CEP-subgroup, Central factor, Central subgroup, Centrally closed subgroup, Characteristic central factor, Characteristic direct factor, Characteristic subgroup, Characteristic subgroup of group of prime power order, Characteristic transitively normal subgroup, Characteristically complemented characteristic subgroup, Characteristically complemented normal subgroup, Characteristically complemented subgroup, Cocentral subgroup, Commutator-verbal subgroup, Completely distinguished subgroup, Completely divisibility-closed subgroup, Component, Composition subgroup, Conjugacy-closed characteristic subgroup, Conjugacy-closed normal subgroup, Conjugacy-closed subgroup, Conjugate-dense subgroup, Conjugate-large subgroup, Contranormal subgroup, Cyclonormal subgroup, Descendant subgroup, Direct factor, Divisibility-closed subgroup, Finite direct power-closed characteristic subgroup, Free factor, Fully invariant subgroup, Fully normalized subgroup, Hall direct factor, Hall subgroup, Hereditarily normal subgroup, IA-automorphism-balanced subgroup, Image-closed characteristic subgroup, Image-closed fully invariant subgroup, Improper subgroup, Inert subgroup, Injective endomorphism-invariant subgroup, Isomorph-containing subgroup, Isomorph-free subgroup