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 UsesFact about
Center is normalSdf (1)
Property (2)
Central factor implies normalCentral factor (2)
Normal subgroup (2)
Central implies normalCentral subgroup (2)
Normal subgroup (2)
Characteristic implies normalGroup acts as automorphisms by conjugationCharacteristic subgroup (1)
Normal subgroup (1)
Commutator of a group and a subgroup implies normalSubgroup normalizes its commutator with any subsetCommutator operator (3)
Improper subgroup (2)
Subgroup (2)
Normal subgroup (2)
Subgroup realizable as the commutator of the whole group and a subgroup (2)
Cyclic normal Sylow subgroup for least prime divisor is centralCentral subgroup (?)
Direct factor implies normalDirect factor (2)
Normal subgroup (2)
Every group is normal in itselfNormal subgroup (1)
Identity-true subgroup property (2)
Finitary symmetric group is normal in symmetric groupFinitary symmetric group (?)
Normal subgroup (?)
Symmetric group (?)
Normality is commutator-closedNormal subgroup (1)
Commutator-closed subgroup property (2)
Normality is strongly intersection-closedNormal subgroup (1)
Strongly intersection-closed subgroup property (2)
Intersection of subgroups (?)
Normal subgroup (?)
Normality satisfies image conditionNormal subgroup (1)
Image condition (2)
Normality satisfies intermediate subgroup conditionNormal subgroup (1)
Intermediate subgroup condition (2)
Normal subgroup (?)
Intermediate subgroup condition (?)
Potentially verbal implies normalVerbal implies normal
Normality satisfies intermediate subgroup condition
Potentially verbal subgroup (2)
Normal subgroup (2)
Pronormal and subnormal implies normalSubnormal subgroup (?)
Subgroup of index equal to least prime divisor of group order is normalGroup acts on left coset space of subgroup by left multiplication
Lagrange's theorem
Order of quotient group divides order of group
Subgroup of prime index (?)
Index of a subgroup (?)
Normal subgroup (?)
Finite group (?)
Subgroup of index equal to least prime divisor of group order (?)
Subgroup of index equal to least prime divisor of group order of finite group (2)
Normal subgroup of finite group (3)
Subgroup of index two is normalPoincare's theoremSubgroup of index two (2)
Normal subgroup (2)
Trivial subgroup is normalNormal subgroup (1)
Trivially true subgroup property (2)