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Almost simple group, Alternating group:A7, Alternating group:A8, Ambivalent group, Automorph-conjugate subgroup, Binary octahedral group, Central product of D8 and Z4, Characteristically simple group, Dihedral group:D16, Direct product of A4 and Z2, Direct product of D8 and Z2, Direct product of S4 and Z2, Double cover of symmetric group:S5 of minus type, Double cover of symmetric group:S5 of plus type, General linear group:GL(2,3), Generalized quaternion group:Q16, Hopfian group, M16, Mathieu group:M10, Mathieu group:M9, Monolithic group, Noetherian group, Nontrivial semidirect product of Z4 and Z4, Permutable subgroup, Projective general linear group:PGL(2,7), Projective general linear group:PGL(2,9), Projective special linear group:PSL(2,11), Projective special linear group:PSL(2,8), Pronormal subgroup, Quasisimple group, Rational group, Rationally powered group, Residually finite group, SQ-universal group, Semidihedral group:SD16, Special linear group:SL(2,7), Special linear group:SL(2,9), Symmetric group:S7