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Alternating group:A4, Alternating group:A5, Alternating group:A6, Central factor, Central subgroup, Complemented normal subgroup, Dihedral group:D8, Direct product of Z4 and Z2, Finitely generated group, Finitely presented group, Free group, Free group:F2, Fully invariant subgroup, Group of nilpotency class two, Hall subgroup, Metabelian group, Metacyclic group, Nilpotent group, Normal Hall subgroup, Normal Sylow subgroup, Projective special linear group:PSL(3,2), Quaternion group, Retract, Simple group, Solvable group, Special linear group:SL(2,3), Special linear group:SL(2,5), Subnormal subgroup, Supersolvable group, Sylow subgroup, Symmetric group:S4, Symmetric group:S5, Symmetric group:S6