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Abhyankar's conjecture, Alperin weight conjecture, Andrews-Curtis conjecture, Berkovich's question on whether a group of prime power order has an outer automorphism of the same prime order, Burnside problem, Cayley graphs are Hamiltonian, Character determines primitivity conjecture, Cherlin's conjecture, Conjecture that every characteristic subring of nilpotent Lie ring is powering-invariant, Conjecture that most finite groups are nilpotent, Conjecture that the automorphism group of a non-cyclic group of prime power order is always bigger, Extensible automorphisms problem, Farjoun's question, Frobenius conjecture on nth roots, Hall-Paige conjecture, Hanna Neumann conjecture, Higman's PORC conjecture, Intersection problem for join-transitively subnormal subgroups, Inverse Galois problem, Kaplansky's zero-divisor conjecture, McKay conjecture, Multiplier conjecture, Oliver's conjecture, Potentially characteristic subgroups characterization problem, Prime power conjecture, Snevily's conjecture, Surjunctivity conjecture, Thompson's conjecture on determination of simple group by its conjugacy class size set, Wujie conjecture