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2-subnormality is not transitive, Automorph-conjugacy is transitive, Balanced implies transitive, Base of a wreath product is transitive, Central factor is transitive, Characteristically complemented characteristic is transitive, Characteristicity is transitive, Cocentrality is transitive, Cofactorial automorphism-invariance is not transitive, Complete divisibility-closedness is transitive, Conjugacy-closedness is transitive, Conjugate-denseness is transitive, Contranormality is transitive, Direct factor is transitive, Divisibility-closedness is transitive, Endomorphism kernel is not transitive, Finite direct power-closed characteristic is transitive, Finite-relative-intersection-closed implies transitive, Full invariance is transitive, Hall is transitive, Homomorph-containment is not transitive, Index is multiplicative, Intermediate characteristicity is not transitive, Isomorph-freeness is not transitive, Lattice-complemented is not transitive, No common composition factor with quotient group is transitive, No nontrivial homomorphism to quotient group is not transitive, Normality is not transitive, Permutability is not transitive, Permutably complemented is not transitive, Pronormality is not transitive, Pure definability is transitive, Retract is transitive, Subgroup property between normal and subnormal-to-normal is not transitive, Subhomomorph-containment is transitive, Transfer condition operator preserves transitivity, Transfer-closed characteristicity is transitive, Transitive and transfer condition implies finite-intersection-closed, Transitive and transfer condition implies finite-relative-intersection-closed, Transitive normality is transitive, Verbality is transitive