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 Difficulty levelFact about
Alternating group implies every element is automorphic to its inverseAlternating group (?)
Group in which every element is automorphic to its inverse (?)
Alternating group of degree at least five implies every element is a commutatorAlternating group (?)
Group in which every element is a commutator (?)
Alternating groups are Camina groupsAlternating group (?)
Camina group (?)
Alternating groups are simpleAlternating group (?)
Classification of alternating groups having a class-inverting automorphismAlternating group (3)
Group having a class-inverting automorphism (3)
Class-inverting automorphism (3)
Classification of alternating groups that are N-groupsAlternating group (3)
N-group (3)
Classification of ambivalent alternating groupsAlternating group (3)
Ambivalent group (3)
Ambivalent group (2)
Criterion for element of alternating group to be realAlternating group (?)
Real element (?)
Finitary alternating group is characteristic in symmetric groupAlternating group (?)
Characteristic subgroup (?)
Symmetric group (?)
Finitary alternating group is conjugacy-closed in symmetric groupAlternating group (?)
Conjugacy-closed subgroup (?)
Symmetric group (?)
Conjugacy-closed normal subgroup (?)
Finitary alternating group is intermediately monolith in symmetric groupAlternating group (?)
Monolith (?)
Symmetric group (?)
Finitary alternating groups are simpleAlternating group (?)
Finitary symmetric group equals center of symmetric group modulo finitary alternating groupSymmetric group (?)
Finitary symmetric group (?)
Alternating group (?)
Center (?)
Projective special linear group equals alternating group in only finitely many casesProjective special linear group (?)
Alternating group (?)