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 Quick phraseDefining ingredient
2-hypernormalized subgroup
2-subnormal subgroupNormal subgroup
Normal closure
Normalizer of a subgroup
Conjugate subgroups
Normal core of normalizer
Normal core
Subnormal subgroup
Subnormal depth
Commutator of two subgroups
3-subnormal subgroupNormal subgroup
2-subnormal subgroup
4-subnormal subgroupSubnormal subgroup
Subnormal depth
2-subnormal subgroup
Normal subgroup
3-subnormal subgroup
Abelian normal subgroupNormal subgroup
Abelian group
Abnormal subgroupWeakly abnormal subgroup
Intersection of two distinct conjugate subgroups
Almost normal subgroupNormal subgroup
Subgroup of finite index
Normalizer of a subgroup
Index of a subgroup
Conjugate subgroups
Central factor of normalizerIn-normalizer operator
Central factor
Characteristic-potentially characteristic subgroup
Cofactorial automorphism-invariant subgroupCofactorial automorphism
Characteristic subgroup
Complemented normal subgroup
Conjugate-permutable subgroupPermuting subgroups
Conjugate subgroups
Product of subgroups
Permutability operator
Endomorphism kernel
Finitarily hypernormalized subgroup
Homomorph-containing subgroup
Hypernormalized subgroup
Intermediately characteristic subgroupIntermediately operator
Characteristic subgroup
Intermediately endomorphism kernelEndomorphism kernel
Intermediately operator
Intermediately fully invariant subgroupFully invariant subgroup
Isomorph-conjugate subgroup
Isomorph-free subgroupno other isomorphic subgroups
no isomorphic copies
only subgroup of its isomorphism type
Isomorph-containing subgroup
Co-Hopfian group
Join of finitely many 2-subnormal subgroups
Join-transitively subnormal subgroupJoin of subgroups
Subnormal subgroup
Lattice-complemented subgroup
Linear-bound join-transitively subnormal subgroupSubnormal subgroup
Subnormal depth
Marginal subgroup
Nearly normal subgroupSubgroup of finite index
Normal subgroup
Index of a subgroup
Normal closure
Normal subgroupinvariant under inner automorphisms, self-conjugate subgroup
same left and right cosets
kernel of a homomorphism
subgroup that is a union of conjugacy classes
Homomorphism of groups
Inner automorphism
Conjugate subgroups
Left coset of a subgroup
Right coset of a subgroup
Conjugacy class
Commutator of two subgroups
Normal subgroup having no nontrivial homomorphism to its quotient group
Normal-extensible automorphism-invariant subgroupNormal-extensible automorphism
Permutable subgroupProduct of subgroups
Permuting subgroups
Permutably complemented subgroup
Potentially fully invariant subgroupPotentially operator
Fully invariant subgroup
Pronormal subgroupConjugate subgroups
Join of subgroups
Self-normalizing subgroupIn-normalizer operator
Improper subgroup
Subgroup contained in finitely many intermediate subgroups
Subgroup of finite double coset index
Upward-closed normal subgroup
Weakly marginal subgroup