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The query [[Dissatisfies metaproperty::Intermediate subgroup condition]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0111 seconds.

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AEP-subgroup, Automorph-conjugate subgroup, Characteristic subgroup, Characteristic subgroup of group of prime power order, Cofactorial automorphism-invariant subgroup, Endomorphism kernel, Finitarily hypernormalized subgroup, Fully invariant subgroup, Image-closed characteristic subgroup, Image-closed fully invariant subgroup, Lattice-complemented subgroup, Left-transitively 2-subnormal subgroup, Local powering-invariant subgroup, Marginal subgroup, Powering-invariant subgroup, Strictly characteristic subgroup, Subgroup with self-normalizing normalizer, Subgroup-cofactorial automorphism-invariant subgroup