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The query [[Category:Subgroup property conjunctions]] [[Conjunction involving::Normal subgroup]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0057 seconds.

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Abelian normal subgroup, Automorphism-faithful normal subgroup, C-closed normal subgroup, Centralizer-free normal subgroup, Class two normal subgroup, Commutator-in-center subgroup, Complete direct factor, Completely divisibility-closed normal subgroup, Conjugacy-closed normal subgroup, Coprime automorphism-faithful normal subgroup, Coprime automorphism-invariant normal subgroup, Coprime automorphism-invariant normal subgroup of group of prime power order, Cyclic normal subgroup, Dedekind normal subgroup, Direct factor, Divisible normal subgroup, Elementary abelian normal subgroup, Finite normal subgroup, Finitely generated normal subgroup, Homocyclic normal subgroup, Isomorph-automorphic normal subgroup, Lazard normal subgroup, Local powering-invariant normal subgroup, Locally nilpotent normal subgroup, Nilpotent normal subgroup, Normal AEP-subgroup, Normal Hall subgroup, Normal Sylow subgroup, Normal fully normalized subgroup, Normal intermediately AEP-subgroup, Normal subgroup contained in centralizer of derived subgroup, Normal subgroup having a 1-closed transversal, Normal subgroup in which every subgroup characteristic in the whole group is characteristic, Normal subgroup of finite group, Normal subgroup of finite index, Normal subgroup of finitely generated group, Normal subgroup of group of prime power order, Normal subgroup of nilpotent group, Normal subgroup of periodic group, Normal subgroup of prime index, Normal subgroup of prime order, Normal subgroup whose automorphism group is abelian, Normal subgroup whose center is contained in the center of the whole group, Normal subgroup whose derived subgroup equals its intersection with whole derived subgroup, Normal subgroup whose focal subgroup equals its derived subgroup, Normal subgroup whose inner automorphism group is central in automorphism group, Normality-large normal subgroup, Order-automorphic normal subgroup, Perfect normal subgroup, Periodic normal subgroup