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 Analogue of
2-sub-ideal of a Lie ring2-subnormal subgroup
Abelian idealAbelian normal subgroup
Automorphism-faithful Lie subringAutomorphism-faithful subgroup
Central factor of a Lie ringCentral factor
Central idealCentral subgroup
Centralizer-free Lie subringCentralizer-free subgroup
Centralizer-free idealCentralizer-free normal subgroup
Characteristic Lie subringCharacteristic subgroup
Characteristic central factor of a Lie ringCharacteristic central factor
Characteristic derivation-invariant Lie subringCharacteristic subgroup
Characteristic direct factor of a Lie ringCharacteristic direct factor
Characteristic ideal of a Lie ringCharacteristic subgroup
Cocentral Lie subringCocentral subgroup
Complemented ideal of a Lie ringComplemented normal subgroup
Cyclic idealCyclic normal subgroup
Derivation-faithful Lie subringAutomorphism-faithful subgroup
Derivation-faithful idealAutomorphism-faithful normal subgroup
Derivation-invariant Lie subringCharacteristic subgroup
Derivation-invariant central factorCharacteristic central factor
Derivation-invariant direct factorCharacteristic direct factor
Direct factor of a Lie ringDirect factor
Fully invariant Lie subringFully invariant subgroup
Fully invariant ideal of a Lie ringFully invariant subgroup
Ideal of a Lie ringNormal subgroup
Ideal-large Lie subringNormality-large subgroup
Lie subring whose sum with any subring is a subringPermutable subgroup
Maximal Lie subringMaximal subgroup
Nilpotent derivation-invariant Lie subringUnipotent automorphism-invariant subgroup
Nilpotent idealNilpotent normal subgroup
Powering-invariant Lie subringPowering-invariant subgroup
Self-centralizing Lie subringSelf-centralizing subgroup
Self-centralizing idealSelf-centralizing normal subgroup
Self-idealizing Lie subringSelf-normalizing subgroup
Solvable idealSolvable normal subgroup
Sub-ideal of a Lie ringSubnormal subgroup
Subring annihilated by a subring of the Lie ring of derivationsFixed-point subgroup of a subgroup of the automorphism group
Verbal Lie subringVerbal subgroup
Verbal ideal of a Lie ringVerbal subgroup