Solvable group with abelianization that is divisible by a prime need not be divisible by that prime

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It is possible to have a solvable group G and a prime number p such that the abelianization of G is p-divisible, but G itself is not p-divisible.

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Further information: infinite dihedral group

Let G be a infinite dihedral group:

\langle a,x \mid xax^{-1} = a^{-1}, x = x^{-1} \rangle

and let p be any prime number other than 2. Then:

  • G is solvable: In fact, G is metacyclic. It has a cyclic normal subgroup \langle a \rangle with a cyclic quotient group isomorphic to cyclic group:Z2 (generated by the image of x).
  • The abelianization of G is p-divisible: The abelianization of G is a Klein four-group, which is divisible for all odd primes.
  • G is not p-divisible: The element a \in G has no p^{th} roots.