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This article is about a type of user of Groupprops

A semi-beginner is one of the target user profiles for the Groupprops wiki.

Characterization of beginners

Semi-beginners are people who:

  • Have already done a first course in group theory (or equivalent)
  • Are already (vaguely) familiar with the conventions, notations and ideas both within group theory and within closely related areas of mathematics (Such as ring theory, commutative algebra).
  • Can read and understand a group theory definition without necessarily having to plough through examples

Requirements of semi-beginners

As a semi-beginner, you may want:

  • A quick way to check out definitions of basic and not-so-basic terms that may arise in a second course in group theory
  • A quick way to hunt for proofs of statements, facts and theorems
  • Good survey and motivational articles that point leads to further territory in group theory and consolidate existing ideas
  • Basic definitions in areas allied to group theory (such as representation theory, combinatorial group theory, etc.)

Resources for semi-beginners

A full listing of resources for semi-beginners is available at:

Category:Resources for semi-beginners

A guided tour

A special guided tour for beginners is available at:

Difficulty-based organization

As a semi-beginner, you may want to check out the following categories for a limited view that only shows you easy and relevant stuff:

Feedback from semi-beginners