Moufang loops of order 16

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This article gives information about, and links to more details on, algebraic structures of the type Moufang loop whose order (i.e., the size of the underlying set) is 16.
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To understand these in a broader context, see Moufang loops of order 2^n | Moufang loops of prime-fourth order

This article describes the Moufang loops of order 16. There is a total of 19 Moufang loops up to isomorphism. Of these, 14 are groups, and these are completely described in groups of order 16. The remaining 5 are discussed in this article.

Moufang loop Second part of ID in loops package on GAP Nilpotency class of loop
MoufangLoop(16,1) 1 2
MoufangLoop(16,2) 2 2
octonion loop 3 2
MoufangLoop(16,4) 4 2
MoufangLoop(16,5) 5 2