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Whom this guided tour is for

This guided tour is for computer science students, viz, students interested in computer science, whose interest in group theory may arise from either of two reasons:

  • The application of group-theoretic facts and ideas to computational complexity, algorithms, languages, and other aspects of computer science
  • The application of computer science-based approaches to the creation and resolution of problems in group theory

How to start

Due to different priorities, and since the wiki is still in a pre-alpha stage, the wiki has not yet been developed as a useful exploration tool for computer science students.

Here, some of both the current and the intended features are described.

A good place to start off would be to review the definitions of group, subgroup, homomorphism of groups, automorphism of a group, endomorphism of a group, normal subgroup. Please also check out all the other definitions from basic group theory of interest. A good list of basic definitions in group theory is at:

Category:Basic definitions in group theory

Possible areas for deeper exploration