Finite nilpotent and every automorphism is inner implies trivial or cyclic of order two

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This article gives a result about how information about the structure of the automorphism group of a group (abstractly, or in action) can control the structure of the group
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If a Finite nilpotent group (?) is such that every automorphism of the group is inner, then the automorphism group is in fact trivial, and moreover, the group is either the trivial group or a cyclic group of order two.

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Facts used

  1. Outer automorphism group of finite nilpotent group is direct product of automorphism groups of Sylow subgroups
  2. Group of prime power order is either trivial or of prime order or has outer automorphism class of same prime order: If P is a finite (nontrivial) p-group for some prime p and the order of P is greater than p, there is an outer automorphism class of P that has order p.


Given: A finite nilpotent group G such that every automorphism of G is inner.

To prove: G is either trivial or cyclic of order two.

Proof: This follows from Facts (1) and (2), and the observation that the automorphism group of a group of order p is the cyclic group of order p - 1.