Existence of abelian ideals of small prime power order in nilpotent Lie ring

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Suppose p is a prime number and G is a nilpotent Lie ring of order p^n. Then, if k is a nonnegative integer such that n \ge 1 + k(k-1)/2 (i.e., n > k(k-1)/2), G has an Abelian ideal (?) of order p^k.

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Facts used

  1. Lower bound on order of maximal among abelian ideals in terms of order of nilpotent Lie ring
  2. Finite nilpotent Lie ring implies every ideal contains ideals of all orders dividing its order


Outline: We use Fact (1) to show that there is an abelian ideal of order at least p^k, and then use Fact (2) to find within that an abelian ideal of order exactly p^k.