Degree of irreducible representation need not divide order of derived subgroup

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It is possible to have a finite group G and an irreducible linear representation \varphi of G over a splitting field in characteristic zero such that the degree of \varphi does not divide the order of the Derived subgroup (?) of G.

This is a numerical non-constraint on the Degrees of irreducible representations (?).

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Example of symmetric group of degree three

Further information: symmetric group:S3, subgroup structure of symmetric group:S3, linear representation theory of symmetric group:S3

We consider the group symmetric group:S3. The standard representation of symmetric group:S3 is a faithful irreducible representation of degree two, and the derived subgroup, A3 in S3, has order three.

Example of extraspecial group

Let p be a prime number. Consider an extraspecial group of order p^5 for any prime number p. The derived subgroup has order p. However, this group has a faithful irreducible representation of degree p^2.