Conjugacy class sizes of unitriangular matrix group of fixed degree over a finite field are all powers of field size and number of occurrences of each is polynomial function of field size

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Denote by UT(n,q) the unitriangular matrix group of degree n over a finite field of size q, where q is a prime power.

Then, the following is true about the conjugacy class size statistics of UT(n,q):

  • All the conjugacy class sizes are powers of q.
  • For any nonnegative integer d, there exists a univariate polynomial g_{n,d} with integer coefficients (dependent on n and d but independent of q) such that the number of conjugacy classes in UT(n,q) of size q^d equals g_{n,d}(q). Further, we have, based on the fact that the sum of all conjugacy class sizes must equal the order of the group, that the following is true as a polynomial identity in q:

\sum_{d=0}^\infty q^{d}g_{n,d}(q) = q^{n(n-1)/2}

Note that the summation is actually finite, because all but finitely many of the g_{n,d} are zero polynomials.

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