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Symmetric groups on finite sets are complete



For n \ne 2,6, the Symmetric group (?) \operatorname{Sym}(n) on a set of size n (i.e., the Symmetric group on finite set (?)), is a Complete group (?): it is centerless and every automorphism of it is inner.

For n = 2, the group is not centerless, but every automorphism is inner.

For n = 6, the group is centerless, but not every automorphism is inner. In fact, the symmetric group of degree six is of index two in its automorphism group.

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  1. Centerless: The fact that the symmetric group is centerless for n \ne 2 follows from fact (1).
  2. Every automorphism is inner: Fact (2) yields that every automorphism preserves the conjugacy class of transpositions when n \ne 6 follows from fact (2). Fact (3) then yields that, in fact, every automorphism is inner.