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  • {{article-type}} * A general survey of how the term came about
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  • ...g templates are used in groupprops to tag entire articles. Article-tagging templates are typically put right at the top of the article, and may include: ...on top, and ''also'' to give quick and easy access to other related ideas. Templates are the local tool to implementing a number of different organizational par
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  • ...ey are both open to editing, and both make use of articles categorization, templates, and many of the other tools that characterize a wiki. ...ine saying ''For survey articles related...'' which takes one to a list of survey articles that actually try to explain the stuff (again, some may be terse,
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  • If you are hunting for the meaning of a term, or reading a general survey article, it is unlikely that Groupprops will be the only source you are loo ...) and add a link to the Wikipedia article. For those of you who understand templates, you are supposed to use [[Template:Wp]] as described in [[Groupprops:Exter
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  • * Quick, one-point access to survey articles, or expository articles, on a ''specific need'', from the subject * A reasonable degree of modularity and programmability (through templates)
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  • {{article-type}} A ''survey article'' in Groupprops is intended to explore, or provide a survey of past exploration, in an idea, principle, technique, method, or a bunch o
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