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  • ...very rarely. To get a feel for the important ones, check out [[:Category: Pivotal subgroup properties]] (this one needs to be implemented). You can then look at survey articles related to the pivotal subgroup properties. For instance, [[:Category:Survey articles related to n
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  • {{variational survey article|simple group}} one of the most pivotal group properties. Simple groups play a role in group theory analogous to the role primes play in number theory, except that the
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  • ...[[group]] is characteristic in it if ... !! A subgroup <math>H</math> of a group <math>G</math> is called a characteristic subgroup of <math>G</math> if ... | 1 || automorphism-invariant || every [[automorphism]] of the whole group takes the subgroup to within itself. || for every [[automorphism]] <math>\v
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  • {{pivotal group action}} Let <math>G</math> be a [[group]] and <math>S</math> denote the set of [[subgroup]]s of <math>G</math>. Con
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