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The query [[Weaker than::Normal subgroup]] [[Satisfies metaproperty::Intermediate subgroup condition]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0071 seconds.

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2-hypernormalized subgroup, 2-subnormal subgroup, 3-subnormal subgroup, 4-subnormal subgroup, Almost normal subgroup, Ascendant subgroup, Conjugate-join-closed subnormal subgroup, Conjugate-permutable subgroup, Intermediately join-transitively subnormal subgroup, Intermediately subnormal-to-normal subgroup, Join of finitely many 2-subnormal subgroups, Modular subgroup, NE-subgroup, Nearly normal subgroup, Paranormal subgroup, Permutable subgroup, Polynormal subgroup, Pronormal subgroup, Subgroup having a left transversal that is also a right transversal, Subnormal subgroup, Weakly normal subgroup