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 Survey article about
Arithmetic and normal subgroup structureNormal subgroup
Finite group
Sylow theory
Between normal and characteristic and beyondNormal subgroup
Characteristic subgroup
Contrasting subnormality of various depthsNormal subgroup
Subnormal subgroup
2-subnormal subgroup
3-subnormal subgroup
4-subnormal subgroup
Ascendant subgroup
Descendant subgroup
Serial subgroup
Direct factor versus normalDirect factor
Normal subgroup
Distribution of normal subgroups in a groupNormal subgroup
Measuring deviation from normalityNormal subgroup
Normal versus characteristicNormal subgroup
Characteristic subgroup
Normal versus permutableNormal subgroup
Permutable subgroup
Proving that a subgroup is normalNormal subgroup
Replacing a subgroup by a normal subgroupNormal subgroup
Normal core
Normal closure
Subnormal-to-normal and normal-to-characteristicSubnormal-to-normal subgroup
Subnormal subgroup
Normal subgroup
Intermediately subnormal-to-normal subgroup
Normal-to-characteristic subgroup
Characteristic subgroup
Intermediately normal-to-characteristic subgroup
Pronormal subgroup
Weakly pronormal subgroup
Paranormal subgroup
Polynormal subgroup
Image-closed intermediately subnormal-to-normal subgroup
2-subnormal subgroup
Subgroup with self-normalizing normalizer
Subgroup with abnormal normalizer
Subgroup with weakly abnormal normalizer
Isomorph-free subgroup
Isomorph-containing subgroup
Isomorph-conjugate subgroup
Automorph-conjugate subgroup
Intermediately characteristic subgroup
Intermediately isomorph-conjugate subgroup
Intermediately automorph-conjugate subgroup
Procharacteristic subgroup
Weakly procharacteristic subgroup
Intermediately procharacteristic subgroup
Paracharacteristic subgroup
Polycharacteristic subgroup
Intermediately paracharacteristic subgroup
Ntermediately polycharacteristic subgroup
Weakly characteristic subgroup
Intermediately weakly characteristic subgroup
Sylow subgroup
Hall subgroup
Contranormal subgroup
Self-normalizing subgroup
Weakly abnormal subgroup
Abnormal subgroup
Ubiquity of normalityNormal subgroup
Using that a subgroup is normalNormal subgroup
Varying normalityNormal subgroup
Pronormal subgroup
Weakly pronormal subgroup
Paranormal subgroup
Polynormal subgroup