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The query [[Stronger than::Powering-invariant subgroup]] [[Weaker than::Characteristic subgroup of abelian group]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0099 seconds.

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Intermediate notions between [[powering-invariant subgroup]] and [[characteristic subgroup of abelian group]]Intermediate notions between [[powering-invariant subgroup]] and [[characteristic subgroup of abelian group]]#
Characteristic subgroup of centerCharacteristic subgroup of center
Intermediately powering-invariant subgroupIntermediately powering-invariant subgroup
Powering-invariant characteristic subgroupPowering-invariant characteristic subgroup
Powering-invariant normal subgroupPowering-invariant normal subgroup
Powering-invariant subgroup of abelian groupPowering-invariant subgroup of abelian group
Quotient-powering-invariant characteristic subgroupQuotient-powering-invariant characteristic subgroup
Quotient-powering-invariant subgroupQuotient-powering-invariant subgroup