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 Quick phraseDefining ingredient
2-subnormal subgroupNormal subgroup
Normal closure
Normalizer of a subgroup
Conjugate subgroups
Normal core of normalizer
Normal core
Subnormal subgroup
Subnormal depth
Commutator of two subgroups
Core-characteristic subgroupintersection of all conjugates is characteristic
normal core is characteristic
Normal core
Characteristic subgroup
Core-free 2-subnormal subgroupCore-free subgroup
2-subnormal subgroup
Normal core
Core-free permutable subgroupCore-free subgroup
Permutable subgroup
Normal core
Normal core of normalizerNormalizer of a subgroup
Normal core
Subgroup whose normal core is fully invariantNormal core
Fully invariant subgroup
Subgroup with unique 2-subnormal seriesNormal closure
Normal core