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 Quick phraseDefining ingredient
Category of groupsGroup
Homomorphism of groups
Homomorphism of algebraic groupsHomomorphism of groups
Injective homomorphismHomomorphism of groups
Trivial group
Normal subgroupinvariant under inner automorphisms, self-conjugate subgroup
same left and right cosets
kernel of a homomorphism
subgroup that is a union of conjugacy classes
Homomorphism of groups
Inner automorphism
Conjugate subgroups
Left coset of a subgroup
Right coset of a subgroup
Conjugacy class
Commutator of two subgroups
Normal-homomorph-containing subgroupNormal subgroup
Homomorphism of groups
Simple groupNormal subgroup
Surjective homomorphism of groups
Homomorphism of groups
Trivial homomorphism
Subnormal subgroup
Simple group operator
Surjective homomorphism of groupsHomomorphism of groups
Category of groups