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 Quick phraseDefining ingredient
Finitely generated FZ-groupFinitely generated group
Finitely generated abelian group
Group with finite derived subgroup
Finitely generated conjugacy-separable groupFinitely generated group
Conjugacy-separable group
Finitely generated normal subgroupNormal subgroup
Finitely generated group
Finitely generated periodic groupFinitely generated group
Periodic group
Order of an element
Finitely presented groupPresentation of a group
Finitely generated group
Group with finitely generated inner automorphism groupInner automorphism group
Finitely generated group
Locally residually finite groupFinitely generated group
Residually finite group
Locally operator
Noetherian groupHereditarily operator
Finitely generated group
Normal closure of finite subsetNormal subgroup generated by a subset
Normal closure
Finitely generated group
Normal subgroup of finitely generated groupNormal subgroup
Finitely generated group
Normally finitely generated groupnormal closure in itself of finite subset
has finitely generated contranormal subgroup
Normal subgroup generated by a subset
Contranormal subgroup
Normal closure
Finitely generated group
Normal closure of finite subset
SQ-universal groupFinitely generated group
Finitely generated free group
Free group:F2
Subgroup of finite index in finitely generated groupSubgroup of finite index
Finitely generated group
Torsion-free abelian groupFinitely generated group
Free abelian group