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 Quick phraseDefining ingredient
Cyclic characteristic subgroupCharacteristic subgroup
Cyclic group
Cyclic group:Z36Cyclic group
Finite cyclic group
External direct product
Cyclic group:Z4
Cyclic isomorph-containing subgroupIsomorph-containing subgroup
Cyclic group
Cyclic normal subgroupNormal subgroup
Cyclic group
Cyclicity-forcing numberOrder of a group
Cyclic group
Euler totient function
Square-free number
Abelianness-forcing number
Nilpotency-forcing number
Dedekind groupevery subgroup is normal
every cyclic subgroup is normal
normal closure of element is cyclic
Normal subgroup
Inner automorphism
Power automorphism
Normal closure
Levi operator
Cyclic group
Hamiltonian operator
Generalized symmetric groupExternal wreath product
Cyclic group
Symmetric group
Symmetric group on finite set
External semidirect product
Homocyclic group
Group in which every finite subgroup is cyclicFinite subgroup
Cyclic group
Finite cyclic subgroup
Group whose outer automorphism group is cyclicOuter automorphism group
Cyclic group
Inner automorphism group
1-completed subgroup
Automorphism group of a group
Metacyclic groupCyclic normal subgroup
Cyclic group
Odd-order cyclic groupCyclic group
Odd-order group
Order of a group
Polycyclic groupSubnormal series
Cyclic group
Solvable group
Finitely generated abelian group
Noetherian group