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 Quick phraseDefining ingredient
Abelian characteristic subgroupCharacteristic subgroup
Abelian group
CSCFN-subgroupCharacteristic subgroup
Self-centralizing subgroup
Fully normalized subgroup
Characteristic AEP-subgroupCharacteristic subgroup
Characteristic central factorCharacteristic subgroup
Central factor
Characteristic central subgroupCharacteristic subgroup
Central subgroup
Characteristic closuresmallest characteristic subgroup containing
intersection of all characteristic subgroups containing
join of all automorphic subgroups
Characteristic subgroup
Automorphic subgroups
Subgroup generated by a subset
Characteristic coreCharacteristic subgroup
Automorphic subgroups
Automorphism of a group
Characteristic direct factorCharacteristic subgroup
Direct factor
Characteristic maximal subgroup of group of prime power orderCharacteristic subgroup
Maximal subgroup of group of prime power order
Characteristic subgroup of Sylow subgroupCharacteristic subgroup
Sylow subgroup
Characteristic subgroup of abelian groupCharacteristic subgroup
Abelian group
Characteristic subgroup of additive group of a Lie ringCharacteristic subgroup
Characteristic subgroup of abelian group
Characteristic subgroup of direct factorCharacteristic subgroup
Direct factor
Characteristic subgroup of finite groupCharacteristic subgroup
Finite group
Strictly characteristic subgroup
Injective endomorphism-invariant subgroup
Characteristic subgroup of finite indexCharacteristic subgroup
Subgroup of finite index
Index of a subgroup
Characteristic subgroup of group of prime power orderCharacteristic subgroup
Group of prime power order
Characteristic subgroup of nilpotent groupCharacteristic subgroup
Nilpotent group
Characteristic subgroup of pronormal subgroupCharacteristic subgroup
Pronormal subgroup
Characteristic subgroup of solvable groupCharacteristic subgroup
Solvable group
Characteristic transitively normal subgroupCharacteristic subgroup
Transitively normal subgroup
Characteristic-extensible automorphismQualified extensibility operator
Characteristic subgroup
Characteristically complemented characteristic subgroupCharacteristically complemented subgroup
Characteristic subgroup
Permutable complements
Characteristically complemented subgroupRetraction
Characteristic subgroup
Permutable complements
Lattice complements
Characteristically simple groupCharacteristic subgroup
Characteristic closure
Characteristic core
Simple group operator
Class two characteristic subgroupCharacteristic subgroup
Group of nilpotency class two
Closure-characteristic subgroupnormal closure is characteristic
join of all conjugates is characteristic
Normal closure
Characteristic subgroup
Cofactorial automorphism-invariant subgroupCofactorial automorphism
Characteristic subgroup
Complemented characteristic subgroupPermutably complemented subgroup
Characteristic subgroup
Lattice-complemented subgroup
Complemented normal subgroup
Internal semidirect product
Complete characteristic subgroupCharacteristic subgroup
Complete group
Characteristic direct factor
Conjugacy-closed characteristic subgroupConjugacy-closed subgroup
Characteristic subgroup
Coprime automorphism-faithful characteristic subgroupCharacteristic subgroup
Coprime automorphism-faithful subgroup
Core-characteristic subgroupintersection of all conjugates is characteristic
normal core is characteristic
Normal core
Characteristic subgroup
Critical subgroupCharacteristic subgroup
Frattini-in-center group
Commutator-in-center subgroup
Cyclic characteristic subgroupCharacteristic subgroup
Cyclic group
Cyclic-quotient characteristic subgroupCharacteristic subgroup
Direct factor of characteristic subgroupDirect factor
Characteristic subgroup
Finite characteristic subgroupCharacteristic subgroup
Finite group
Group in which every automorph-conjugate subgroup is characteristicAutomorph-conjugate subgroup
Characteristic subgroup
Group in which every characteristic subgroup is fully invariantCharacteristic subgroup
Fully invariant subgroup
Group in which every characteristic subgroup is strictly characteristicCharacteristic subgroup
Strictly characteristic subgroup
Group in which every characteristic submonoid is a subgroupCharacteristic subset of a group
Characteristic subgroup
Group in which every maximal subgroup is characteristicMaximal subgroup
Characteristic subgroup
Maximal characteristic subgroup
Group in which every normal subgroup is characteristicNormal subgroup
Characteristic subgroup
Transitively normal subgroup
Automorphism of a group
Normal automorphism
Group that is the characteristic closure of a singleton subsetCharacteristic subgroup
Characteristic closure
Holomorph-characteristic groupCharacteristic subgroup
Holomorph of a group
Image-closed characteristic subgroupImage condition operator
Characteristic subgroup
Intermediately characteristic subgroupIntermediately operator
Characteristic subgroup
Intermediately normal-to-characteristic subgroupNormal subgroup
Characteristic subgroup
Intermediately characteristic subgroup
Normalizer of a subgroup
In-normalizer operator
Isomorph-normal characteristic subgroupIsomorph-normal subgroup
Characteristic subgroup
Middle-characteristic subgroupCharacteristic subgroup