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 Quick phraseDefining ingredient
Automorph-commensurable subgroupCommensurable subgroups
Automorphic subgroups
Subgroup of finite index
Automorph-conjugate subgroupAutomorphic subgroups
Conjugate subgroups
Normal subgroup
Normalizer of a subgroup
Characteristic closuresmallest characteristic subgroup containing
intersection of all characteristic subgroups containing
join of all automorphic subgroups
Characteristic subgroup
Automorphic subgroups
Subgroup generated by a subset
Characteristic coreCharacteristic subgroup
Automorphic subgroups
Automorphism of a group
Group in which every subgroup of finite index has finitely many automorphic subgroupsSubgroup of finite index
Automorphic subgroups
Characteristic subgroup of finite index
Normal subgroup of finite index
Order-automorphic subgroupOrder of a group
Automorphic subgroups
Subgroup having finitely many automorphic subgroupsAutomorphic subgroups