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 Quick phraseDefining ingredient
3-subnormal subgroupNormal subgroup
2-subnormal subgroup
4-subnormal subgroupSubnormal subgroup
Subnormal depth
2-subnormal subgroup
Normal subgroup
3-subnormal subgroup
Core-free 2-subnormal subgroupCore-free subgroup
2-subnormal subgroup
Normal core
Group in which every subnormal subgroup is 2-subnormalSubnormal depth
3-subnormal subgroup
Subnormal subgroup
2-subnormal subgroup
Hereditarily 2-subnormal subgroup2-subnormal subgroup
Hereditarily operator
Intermediately subnormal-to-normal subgroupSubnormal subgroup
Normal subgroup
2-subnormal subgroup
Subgroup with self-normalizing normalizer
Normalizer of a subgroup
Self-normalizing subgroup
Ascendant subgroup
Hypernormalized subgroup
Intermediately operator
Subnormal-to-normal subgroup
Join-transitively 2-subnormal subgroup2-subnormal subgroup
Left-transitively 2-subnormal subgroupLeft transiter
2-subnormal subgroup
Normal subgroup of characteristic subgroup
Modular 2-subnormal subgroupModular subgroup
2-subnormal subgroup
Perfect 2-subnormal subgroup2-subnormal subgroup
Perfect group
Permutable 2-subnormal subgroupPermutable subgroup
2-subnormal subgroup
Right-transitively 2-subnormal subgroupRight transiter
2-subnormal subgroup
T-groupSubnormal subgroup
Normal subgroup
2-subnormal subgroup
Transitively normal subgroup
Transitivity-forcing operator
Upward-closed 2-subnormal subgroup2-subnormal subgroup