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2-Engel Lie ring, 2-sub-ideal of a Lie ring, 2-subnormal subloop, 3-locally nilpotent Lie ring, Abelian IAPS, Abelian Lie algebra, Abelian Lie ring, Abelian ideal, Analogue of critical subgroup theorem for nilpotent Lie rings, Automorphism-faithful Lie subring, Bounded-nilpotent IAPS, Bounded-solvable IAPS, Central factor of a Lie ring, Central factor of a loop, Central ideal, Central subloop, Centralizer of a subset of a Lie ring, Centralizer-free Lie subring, Centralizer-free ideal, Centralizer-free ideal implies automorphism-faithful, Centralizer-free ideal implies derivation-faithful, Characteristic Lie subring, Characteristic central factor of a Lie ring, Characteristic derivation-invariant Lie subring, Characteristic direct factor of a Lie ring, Characteristic ideal of a Lie ring, Characteristic subloop, Characteristicity is transitive for Lie rings, Characteristicity is transitive for any variety of algebras, Cocentral Lie subring, Cocentral subloop, Commutative loop, Complemented ideal of a Lie ring, Complemented normal subloop, Complete Lie ring, Conjugacy-closed sub-APS, Conjugate-dense sub-APS, Cyclic Lie ring, Cyclic ideal, Derivation-faithful Lie subring, Derivation-faithful ideal, Derivation-invariance does not satisfy intermediate subring condition, Derivation-invariance is Lie bracket-closed, Derivation-invariance is centralizer-closed, Derivation-invariance is not upper join-closed, Derivation-invariance is transitive, Derivation-invariant Lie subring, Derivation-invariant central factor, Derivation-invariant direct factor, Derivation-invariant subring of ideal implies ideal