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The query <q>[[Satisfies property::Subnormal subgroup]] [[Dissatisfies property::Characteristic subgroup]] [[Category:Particular subgroups]] OR [[Satisfies property.Stronger than::Subnormal subgroup]] [[Dissatisfies property.Weaker than::Characteristic subgroup]] [[Category:Particular subgroups]]</q> was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0163 seconds.

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 Group partSubgroup partQuotient part
Cyclic maximal subgroups of quaternion groupQuaternion groupCyclic group:Z4Cyclic group:Z2
Klein four-subgroups of dihedral group:D8Dihedral group:D8Klein four-groupCyclic group:Z2
Non-normal subgroups of M16M16Cyclic group:Z2
Non-normal subgroups of dihedral group:D8Dihedral group:D8Cyclic group:Z2
Subgroup generated by double transposition in symmetric group:S4Symmetric group:S4Cyclic group:Z2
Z2 in V4Klein four-groupCyclic group:Z2Cyclic group:Z2