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1-coboundary for a group action, 1-cocycle for a group action, 2-coboundary for a group action, 3-cocycle for a group action, APS homomorphism, APS of groups, APS-on-APS action, Abelian-extensible automorphism, Absolute element for polarity, Algebraic group, Ambivalent group, Artin L-function, Automorphic function, Automorphism of incidence structure, Baer subset of projective plane, Bounded-nilpotent IAPS, Bounded-solvable IAPS, Bundle of circles, Burnside group, CS-extensible automorphism, CS-pushforwardable automorphism, Category on a finite p-group, Chain-extensible automorphism, Character of a linear representation, Character table, Character-conjugate conjugacy classes, Characteristic-extensible automorphism, Characteristic-potentially characteristic subgroup, Characteristic-semidirectly extensible automorphism, Class-determining field, Class-separating field, Closed subset of projective plane, Cochain complex for a group action, Cohomology group, Compact group, Completely reducible linear representation, Complex Lie group, Conjugacy class APS, Connected incidence system, Degree of a linear representation, Degrees of irreducible representations, Diagram-extensible automorphism, Difference set, Direct sum of linear representations, Egglike inversive plane, Elementarily characteristic subgroup, Elliptic curve group, Encoding of a group, Extensibility operator, Extensible local isomorphism