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The query [[Stronger than::Subnormal subgroup]] [[Weaker than::Normal subgroup]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0066 seconds.

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Intermediate notions between [[subnormal subgroup]] and [[normal subgroup]]Intermediate notions between [[subnormal subgroup]] and [[normal subgroup]]#
2-hypernormalized subgroup2-hypernormalized subgroup
2-subnormal subgroup2-subnormal subgroup
3-subnormal subgroup3-subnormal subgroup
4-subnormal subgroup4-subnormal subgroup
Asymptotically fixed-depth join-transitively subnormal subgroupAsymptotically fixed-depth join-transitively subnormal subgroup
Central factor of normal subgroupCentral factor of normal subgroup
Direct factor of normal subgroupDirect factor of normal subgroup
Finitarily hypernormalized subgroupFinitarily hypernormalized subgroup
Finite-conjugate-join-closed subnormal subgroupFinite-conjugate-join-closed subnormal subgroup
Intermediately join-transitively subnormal subgroupIntermediately join-transitively subnormal subgroup
Join of finitely many 2-subnormal subgroupsJoin of finitely many 2-subnormal subgroups
Join-transitively 2-subnormal subgroupJoin-transitively 2-subnormal subgroup
Join-transitively subnormal subgroupJoin-transitively subnormal subgroup
Linear-bound join-transitively subnormal subgroupLinear-bound join-transitively subnormal subgroup
Modular 2-subnormal subgroupModular 2-subnormal subgroup
Modular subnormal subgroupModular subnormal subgroup
Normal subgroup of characteristic subgroupNormal subgroup of characteristic subgroup
Permutable 2-subnormal subgroupPermutable 2-subnormal subgroup
Permutable subnormal subgroupPermutable subnormal subgroup
Subnormal-permutable subnormal subgroupSubnormal-permutable subnormal subgroup