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The query [[Fact about:: <q>[[Page::Characteristic subgroup]] [[Number::1]]</q> ]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0115 seconds.

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 Difficulty levelFact about
Characteristic implies normal1Characteristic subgroup (1)
Normal subgroup (1)
Characteristic not implies fully invariant2Characteristic subgroup (1)
Fully invariant subgroup (1)
Characteristicity does not satisfy image condition2Characteristic subgroup (1)
Image condition (2)
Characteristicity does not satisfy intermediate subgroup condition2Characteristic subgroup (1)
Intermediate subgroup condition (2)
Characteristicity does not satisfy lower central series condition2Characteristic subgroup (1)
Lower central series condition (2)
Characteristicity is centralizer-closed1Characteristic subgroup (1)
Centralizer-closed subgroup property (2)
Characteristicity is commutator-closed1Characteristic subgroup (1)
Commutator-closed subgroup property (2)
Characteristicity is not finite direct power-closed3Characteristic subgroup (1)
Finite direct power-closed subgroup property (2)
Characteristicity is not finite-relative-intersection-closed2Characteristic subgroup (1)
Finite-relative-intersection-closed subgroup property (2)
Characteristicity is not upper join-closed3Characteristic subgroup (1)
Upper join-closed subgroup property (2)
Characteristicity is quotient-transitive1Characteristic subgroup (1)
Quotient-transitive subgroup (2)
Characteristicity is strongly intersection-closed1Characteristic subgroup (1)
Strongly intersection-closed subgroup property (2)
Characteristicity is strongly join-closed1Characteristic subgroup (1)
Strongly join-closed subgroup property (2)
Characteristicity is transitive1Characteristic subgroup (1)
Transitive subgroup property (2)
Characteristicity satisfies partition difference condition1Characteristic subgroup (1)
Partition difference condition (2)
Every group is characteristic in itselfCharacteristic subgroup (1)
Identity-true subgroup property (2)
No subgroup property between normal Sylow and subnormal or between Sylow retract and retract is conditionally lattice-determinedSubnormal subgroup (1)
Conditionally lattice-determined subgroup property (2)
Normal subgroup (1)
Characteristic subgroup (1)
Fully invariant subgroup (1)
Normal Hall subgroup (1)
Normal Sylow subgroup (1)
Complemented normal subgroup (1)
Sylow retract (1)
Hall retract (1)
Retract (1)
Normal not implies characteristic2Normal subgroup (1)
Characteristic subgroup (1)
Trivial subgroup is characteristicCharacteristic subgroup (1)
Trivially true subgroup property (2)