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The query [[Defining ingredient::Finite group]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0079 seconds.

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 Quick phraseDefining ingredient
2-locally finite groupFinite group
Central subgroup of finite groupCentral subgroup
Finite group
Characteristic subgroup of finite groupCharacteristic subgroup
Finite group
Strictly characteristic subgroup
Injective endomorphism-invariant subgroup
Finite characteristic subgroupCharacteristic subgroup
Finite group
Finite elliptic subgroupElliptic subgroup
Finite group
Finite subgroup
Finite fully invariant subgroupFully invariant subgroup
Finite group
Finite injective endomorphism-invariant subgroupInjective endomorphism-invariant subgroup
Finite group
Finite isomorph-free subgroupIsomorph-free subgroup
Finite group
Isomorph-containing subgroup
Finite normal subgroupNormal subgroup
Finite group
Finite solvable groupFinite group
Solvable group
Polycyclic group
Composition series
Chief series
Finite subgroupSubgroup
Finite group
Finite subnormal subgroupSubnormal subgroup
Finite group
Fully invariant subgroup of finite groupFully invariant subgroup
Finite group
Homocyclic normal subgroup of finite groupHomocyclic normal subgroup
Finite group
Homocyclic group
Homomorph-containing subgroup of finite groupHomomorph-containing subgroup
Finite group
Isomorph-free maximal subgroup of finite groupIsomorph-free maximal subgroup
Finite group
Isomorph-free subgroup
Isomorph-free subgroup of finite group
Maximal subgroup
Maximal subgroup of finite group
Isomorph-containing subgroup
Prehomomorph-contained subgroup
Isomorph-free subgroup of finite groupIsomorph-free subgroup
Finite group
Isomorph-containing subgroup
Locally finite groupLocally operator
Finite group
Normal Sylow subgroupNormal subgroup
Sylow subgroup
Finite group
Subnormal subgroup
Characteristic subgroup
Fully invariant subgroup
Normal subgroup of finite groupNormal subgroup
Finite group
Prehomomorph-contained subgroup of finite groupPrehomomorph-contained subgroup
Finite group
Residually finite groupSubgroup of finite index
Normal subgroup of finite index
Profinite completion of a group
Subdirect product
Direct product of finite groups
Profinite topology
Residually operator
Finite group
Subgroup of finite groupSubgroup
Finite group
Subnormal subgroup of finite groupSubnormal subgroup
Finite group
Variety-containing subgroup of finite groupVariety-containing subgroup
Finite group
Subhomomorph-containing subgroup
Subisomorph-containing subgroup
Verbal subgroup of finite groupVerbal subgroup
Finite group