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The query [[Satisfies metaproperty::Trivially true subgroup property]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0095 seconds.

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2-subnormal subgroup, AEP-subgroup, Base of a wreath product, CEP-subgroup, Centrally closed subgroup, Characteristic subgroup of group of prime power order, Characteristic transitively normal subgroup, Characteristically DP-decomposable subgroup, Characteristically complemented characteristic subgroup, Cocentral subgroup of normalizer, Commutator-verbal subgroup, Complemented central factor, Compressed subgroup, Conjugacy-closed characteristic subgroup, Conjugacy-closed normal subgroup, Conjugacy-closed subgroup, Cyclonormal subgroup, Direct projection-invariant subgroup, Hall direct factor, Hall subgroup, IA-automorphism-balanced subgroup, Image-closed characteristic subgroup, Image-closed fully invariant subgroup, Injective endomorphism-quotient-balanced subgroup, Intermediately fully invariant subgroup, Intersection-transitively central factor, Isomorph-free subgroup, Isomorph-normal subgroup, Join of finitely many 2-subnormal subgroups, Join-transitively subnormal subgroup, Lattice-complemented subgroup, Left-transitively WNSCDIN-subgroup, Left-transitively fixed-depth subnormal subgroup, Left-transitively permutable subgroup, Malnormal subgroup, Max-sensitive subgroup, Modular subgroup, Normal subgroup having no nontrivial homomorphism to its quotient group, Paracharacteristic subgroup, Paranormal subgroup, Permutable subgroup, Permutably complemented subgroup, Polycharacteristic subgroup, Polynormal subgroup, Power subgroup, Pronormal subgroup, Retraction-invariant subgroup, Right-transitively 2-subnormal subgroup, Right-transitively complemented normal subgroup, Right-transitively conjugate-permutable subgroup, Right-transitively fixed-depth subnormal subgroup, Right-transitively permutable subgroup, SCAB-subgroup, Serial subgroup, Strongly permutably complemented subgroup, Sub-homomorph-containing subgroup, Subgroup, Subgroup having a left transversal that is also a right transversal, Subgroup whose commutator with any subset is normal, Subset-conjugacy-closed subgroup, Surjective endomorphism-balanced subgroup, Transfer-closed fully invariant subgroup