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Welcome to Groupprops (The Group Properties Wiki). This is a pre-alpha stage group theory wiki primarily managed by Vipul Naik, a Ph.D. student in Mathematics at the University of Chicago. We have nearly 1500 articles including most material in basic group theory
Special introductions for: group theorists and teachers
Articles of the day:
Permutable subgroup (DEFINITION): a subgroup that commutes with every other subgroup. May not be normal
The union of all conjugates of a subgroup in a finite group, can never be the whole group (FACT)
Nilpotent versus solvable (SURVEY ARTICLE): There are important differences between a nilpotent group and a solvable group

What we are: Eventually, a complete and reliable reference for group theory. For now, an exciting place to read definitions and facts of group theory, and navigate the relationships between them

What you can get: Quick access to definitions (learn more), facts (learn more), survey articles (learn more). An opportunity to explore relationships using the property-theoretic paradigm and the relational paradigm. Exciting add-ons like guided tours. The links in the left column will help you get around easily.

How to complement other resources: Complement with your group theory textbooks (learn more), use Wikipedia and Google Scholar more effectively. Enjoy the benefits of our searchbox.

What to watch out for: Read our conventions and beware of our hazards: none of the content here is peer-reviewed and very little has been verified by multiple sources.

How to join: Sign up and log in, and then proceed to customize your experience. Anybody can join, and you can learn more on contributing, if you're interested.

How to get help: Help:Contents can help with that. Also, use the request/feedback links in the left column.

What is Groupprops all about?: Read our purpose statement, and learn how we differ from Wikipedia

Are there more wikis like this?: Yes, there's the The Differential Geometry Wiki, Topology Wiki, Commutative Algebra wiki and Noncommutative wiki