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Ito-Michler theorem



Suppose G is a finite group and p is a prime number. The following are equivalent:

  1. p does not divide any of the degrees of irreducible representations of G over \mathbb{C} (or more generally, over some splitting field).
  2. The p-Sylow subgroup of G is a Normal Sylow subgroup (?) and is also abelian.

Note that in the case that p does not divide the order of G at all, (2) is satisfied, so we do not need to assume that p divides the order of G. However, making that assumption does not weaken our theorem.

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(2) implies (1)

This follows directly from fact (1), since the index of an abelian normal p-Sylow subgroup is relatively prime to p, hence all irreducible representations have degree dividing a number relatively prime to p, forcing the degrees to be relatively prime to p.

(1) implies (2)

This is the hard part!