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This page lists some frequently asked questions

Getting started

  • I have created an account. What do I do next?

Refer Groupprops:Customize your experience.


  • Some of the fact articles that I come across, do not contain proofs of the facts/theorems. How do I access the proofs?

The aim is to eventually supply proofs of all the facts in the fact articles, and if the proofs do not exist now, this is because the articles have not yet been completed. To request a proof in the article, go to the talk page of the article and place a request for the proof there.

  • I cannot locate enough examples or explanatory text with the definitions, making it hard for me to follow the definitions?

The wiki currently is low in examples; this is primarily because we are first working on developing a good structure and layout. We expect to have more survey articles that discuss various aspects of definitions and facts in greater detail than a separate definition article would allow. Suggestions and feedback in this regard are welcome.

  • There isn't enough information about particular concrete situations (like specific groups, specific representations of groups). Where can I find such information?

Category:Particular objects is designed to list particular concrete objects, that are more or less unique up to isomorphism. These are in a more primitive state than the other articles on the wiki. The delay in articles on particular, specific objects is because we feel these are too important to be documented before the structure of the rest of the wiki is sound.


  • Can I disable the rich text editor?

Go to Special:Preferences and in the Editing tab, select Disable rich editor.

  • Sometimes, when I click on the edit button for a section or subsection, I reach another page. Why is this?

Some sections and subsection headers are template-generated, and when you click on such subsections, you go to the corresponding template page. To edit content within such sections or subsections, please use the edit button on the top of the article, or in the smallest higher-level section containing it.

Viewing, saving and exporting

  • What is the copyright/license policy for Groupprops?

Groupprops is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribute-Share Alike Unported license. This means that you can freely reuse material from Groupprops as long as all derivative works that build strongly upon Groupprops content, are similarly licensed. The license does not forbid commercial reuse. Further information: Groupprops:Copyrights

  • I see advertisements when logged in.

Go to Special:Preferences and under Skin, select Monobook_no_adver.

  • The math rendering is uneven. Can this be changed?

You can change your math viewing options. Go to Special:Preferences and select the Math part. You can decide the option with which to view math.

  • How do I print articles?

The toolbox contains a Printable version option, which you can use to generate a version that is suitable for printing.

  • Can I obtain the articles in other formats?

We are considering a PDF export feature, but as of now, this is not possible.

  • I would like to download a large number of the articles. Can this be done?

Go to Special:Export and list all the articles that you want exported (each article name in one line). You can also add all the articles from a particular category. This exports the articles as a XML file. The XML file can be imported into any MediaWiki wiki using the Special:Import feature of that wiki.

  • The information that I want is split across multiple articles. How do I combine it?

You can try constructing your own transcluded articles. To avoid confusion with pages on the wiki, create these pages as subpages inside your user namespace, e.g. User:Vipul/My transclude. To learn more, see the Wikipedia article on transclusion.

  • How do I track articles?

You can click the watch tab at the top of the article you wish to watch, or alternatively, you can directly edit your watchlist. You can also use RSS/Atom feeds to keep track of articles. For this, click the "history" tab at the top of the article, go to the toolbox on the left, and click the links for RSS or Atom.

Groupprops and other wikis

  • How does Groupprops differ from other mathematical and general-purpose wikis?

Learn more about Groupprops specifically at Groupprops:Purpose statement and Groupprops:What makes us special. For specific information about how Groupprops differs from Wikipedia, read Groupprops:Groupprops versus Wikipedia, and for a list of other comparisons, refer Category:Groupprops comparison articles.

Using Groupprops as a course aid

  • I want to use Groupprops to construct problem sets for a course/solve problems given in a course. Are there any tools on the wiki to help me?

We are in the process of developing such tools. Take a peek at problems in elementary group theory, to see the kind of tool we are working on.