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This privacy policy is common to subject wikis. For the original privacy policy, refer Ref:Ref:Privacy policy.

Privacy for readers

If you are surfing this website, your actions are logged in our usage logs. These usage logs are accessible to:

  • The site's administrators and technical support group. For a full list of administrators, contact Vipul Naik by email:
  • The service that hosts the data and servers, which is currently Linode.
  • Google Analytics, which has been integrated to collect site statistics. View Google's privacy policy here:

Your usage logs are not made available to other parties. Aggregated data from logs, such as general usage patterns, may be used by the MediaWiki software as well as by site administrators in decision making. For instance, MediaWiki keeps track of the number of times each page is viewed.

Privacy for editors

Editing on subject wikis is generally permitted only for registered users. Registered users must, at the time of registration, provide their real name, and enter basic information about their reason for interest. No private information such as date of birth, social security or taxation number, or home address is sought.

Regarding personal information:

  • The email IDs of registered users are visible to site administrators only. For information about site administrators, contact with the particular subject wiki and the reason for request.
  • All editing activity by registered users is recorded on the site and is visible to all site users. However, this information is not indexed by search engines that follow robots.txt.
  • For edits made by registered users when logged in, the originating IP addresses for the edits can be accessed only by the site administrators.
  • Passwords chosen by registered users are not humanly accessible, even to site administrators.